Description – Application

The UHF BIN TAG is available in both read only or read / write version for waste management application. The encapsulation of the transponder in Epoxy and the Nylon housing protect extremely well against mechanical and chemical stresses and warrant durability.

The UHF BIN TAG can be simply screwed or embedded into any standard trash cans and will be able to resist to any manipulation during the collection of garbage.

The UHF BIN TAG is also available in Low Frequency and High Frequency to fit any application already in place.


The UHF BIN TAG is available in Low Frequency, High Frequency and UHF.

The UHF BIN TAG can be laser engraved.

In case our standard UHF BIN TAG layout does not fit your existing application, we can re-layout it according to your design constraints.

Operating Freq. 866-868 MHz (EU) – 902-928 MHz (US)
Dimensions Diameter 30.8 mm, Thickness 14.5 mm
Material Nylon housing & Epoxy
Thermal Properties – 40 to +70°C / -40 to +158°F
Mechanical Properties

Vibration  : IEC 68.2.6 (10g, 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis, 2.5 h)

Shock : IEC 68.2.29 (40g, 18ms, 6axis, 2000 times)

Resistance : Dynamic bending and torsion stress (4*250 bends)

Chemical Properties IP68 (1m, 24h)
Certificates RoHS & REACH conform. Conflict free sourcing www.conflictfreesourcing.org