MANGO® TrusTag is a complete portfolio of NFC Smart Tag redefining and securing interactions between people, products, and organizations.

The MANGO® TrusTag portfolio comprises various types of tag packaging (cards, keyfobs, industrial tags, i.e.) and various renowned integrated circuits such as the NXP DNA product family (I-Code DNA, Ntag DNA). This NFC solution gives a highly secure and unduplicable solution for authentication. The DNA generates a Secure Unique NFC message authentication that dynamically changes at every read. It can typically be used, for instance, for secure authentication via web access using any mobile device equipped with Near-Field-Communication (NFC) antenna.

This secure access opens many fields of new applications where higher security is required by avoiding any risk of duplicate and fraud.

Authentication Characteristics

How does the MANGO® TrusTag work?

Tap your smartphone or tablet to a MANGO® TrusTag, and then the unforgeable authentication is launched: The smartphone sends to the web server a crypto-ID dynamically computed (AES-128 cryptography) and a unique number for each transaction. Crypto-ID authenticity and uniqueness are verified to enable authentication.


Key Advantages

MANGO® TrusTag offers an open software solution that is not linked to any Tatwah Company closed system. With Tatwah support, companies can implement, modify, manage and control cryptographic modules, webpage addresses, and sensitive database access internally or on their designated server provider.

With MANGO® TrusTag you can host everything on your own Server. There is no need to share your data or subscribe to any proprietary cloud service.

Tatwah SA provides a full service to support you with highly secure NFC applications, with consulting and support for concept implementation, tag design, and high-volume manufacturing with secure tag encoding services.


Mango® TrusTag can be used for many purpose such as:

Brand protection: MANGO® TrusTag is an easy-to-read certificate for consumer or customs authorities willing to verify product authenticity. In addition to product provenance, Mango® TrusTag displays product information, supply chain traceability or technical documentation on NFC smart devices.


Anti-counterfeiting: By adding MANGO® TrusTag anti-tampering seal on luxury fragrance, vintage wine or spirituous bottles, producers ensure an unique and true experience for customer willing to consume authentic product.


VIP services access: Let access VIP services or specific areas on Music Festival with MANGO® TrusTag. In addition, give access to specific digital content (artist information, backstage pictures…) on a dedicated web-page or application.


Security services: MANGO® TrusTag allows security services to easily verify badge authenticity on-site with a standard NFC-device. After MANGO® TrusTag authentication, NFC-device can display visual securities printed on tag material such as graphic cryptogram or guilloche. Security staff can verify match between physical and digital image.


Available format

MANGO® TrusTag is available as standard in Card, Keyfob, industrial tag, … or label format fully customizable.