Morges, Switzerland – July 17, 2020

Tatwah, a market leader in the world of Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons and tags, enriches its offering with a new product family of Quuppa Trackable tags for asset management applications.

The new Quuppa Trackable tags are available in different form factors covering all IoT market segments and applications like asset tracking, logistics, predictive maintenance, or inventory control. These innovative tags enable new people flow management applications such as access control (workplaces, exhibitions, events and spa & fitness clubs), personal identification in hospitals and patient monitoring. The tags can also be used to help maintain COVID-19 social distancing guidelines by alerting when two or more people are too close.

Geolocation accuracy is enabled by the Quuppa ecosystem platform, which provides precise positionning information down to 10 cm.

The Quuppa Trackable tags feature the RSL10 radio SoC from ON Semiconductor enabled with Bluetooth® 5 technology. Thanks to the ultra-low-power and ultra-low voltage capabilities provided by the RSL10, the Quuppa Trackable tags have an outstanding battery life, approximately 30% longer than similar devices.

Alongside localization and advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, the Quuppa Trackable tags are equipped with a number of state-of-the-art features:

  • Accelerometer sensor capable of detecting movements, vibrations, shocks or a fall.
  • An optional NFC tag which enables functionalities such as registration, access control or micro-payments for access management, providing asset information (e.g., instruction manuals, last date of maintenance) and/or easy pairing function for industrial applications.

The Quuppa Trackable Tags are field-proven in several applications for asset tracking, showing un-surpassed RF performance battery life.

With this new Quuppa tag family, Tatwah is instrumental in providing Quuppa tags leveraged end-to-end IoT solutions like asset tracking to clients,” said Egon Konopitzky, Tatwah’s senior executive VP, in a prepared statement. “Tatwah is extending its product offering to enable solutions in industries like asset tracking, people flow management, smart cities, wearables, people monitoring, inventory management, retail, logistics, among others. We will be continuously extending our product portfolio of active beacons and tags.”

“Monitoring and tracking of assets enables new capabilities and huge improvements in operational efficiencies across a wide variety of applications,” said Wiren Perera, who heads IoT at ON Semiconductor. “Ultra-low-power wireless sensing and accurate location identification are essential to delivering on this promise. Implementing the Quuppa trackable technology on our industry-leading Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless platform addresses this need, and the Tatwah portfolio should unleash full market potential.”

About TATWAH Technology Co., Ltd

The company runs a horizontally integrated factory providing all under one roof from wafer processing, antenna technology, bonding, laminating, assembly, test, and certification, Tatwah’s 23,000 square-meter production facility, staffed with some 600 employees, has a capacity of more than 1 million pieces a day. Other finished products, beyond Bluetooth® Beacons and 2.4GHz active tags, includes industrial and logistics products, printed or white cards (up to 800 kpcs per day), key fobs, made-to-order badges, wristbands, and a wide assortment of novelty items embedded with RFID and beacon capabilities. Through our design center and factory back office based in Switzerland, the company addresses a broad range of applications. Please visit or contact us at


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