Description – Application

The HEAVY DUTY TAG is designed for demanding industrial applications involving severe mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. The full embedding of the transponder into a highly inert Epoxy mass not only warrants a good thermal inertial protection but equally a perfect protection against impact shock, pressure and other mechanical stresses.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG can be installed (screwed or riveted) to metal surfaces, the ferrite protection and the selected distance to the metal underground ensure a stable, regular transaction distance.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG has a good UV resistance, Nylon parts are perfectly suitable for outdoor applications such as offshore platforms.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG is available in two different diameters and in Low Frequency as well as High Frequency which makes it suitable for most of the asset management application.


The HEAVY DUTY TAG is available in Low Frequency or High Frequency.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG is available in 2 different diameters.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG ABS part can be either beige or red and can be laser engraved or inkjet printed.

The HEAVY DUTY TAG can be ordered with a ferrite layer which allows using it in metal environment.

Operating Freq. 134.2 KHz ± 5 KHz – 13.56 MHz ± 0.5 MHz
Standard FDX-B, BDE compliant or ISO/IEC 15693

Diameter 52mm, Thickness 8.3mm, Center Hole 5.4mm or

Diameter 35mm, Thickness 8.6mm, Center Hole 8.2mm


Diam 52 mm : ABS or PC, epoxy embedded tag

Diam 35mm : PA6 (nylon), epoxy embedded tag

Thermal Properties

Operating Temperature :-30 to +80°C / -22 to +176°F

Peak Temperature : +140°C (2 min), +130°C (100h)

Mechanical Properties

Vibration : IEC 68.2.6 (10 g, 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis,15 h)

Shock : IEC 68.2.29 (40g, 6ms, 6axis, 2000 times)

Chemical Properties

IP69, Water, salt water, unleaded gasoline, petroleum, excellent resistance (no attack) to mineral and vegetable oils, bases and THF,

Good resistance (no attack) to solvents, formaldehyde and alcohols,

Limited resistance (moderate attack and suitable for short term use only) to dilute acids, humidity 90% r.H. @ 90°C

Certificates RoHS & REACH conform. Conflict free sourcing www.conflictfreesourcing.org