SMART CARD DualTech Bluetooth® 5.0 or QUUPPA & NFC

Description – Application

The SMART CARD DUALTECH combines ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low Energy V5.0, Quuppa and NFC technologies to enrich possibilities and enlarge the field of applications.

The SMART CARD DUALTECH enables extended battery lifetime thanks to the ultra-low power operating modes and offers un-surpassed reading range performances.

The SMART CARD DUALTECH Bluetooth® & NFC is the perfect solution for event management, people monitoring, hospitals, extended access control including micro-payments or people flow management, …


The SMART CARD DUALTECH Bluetooth® & NFC can be printed using silkscreen or offset technologies.

The SMART CARD DUALTECH is proposed with Quuppa technology for accurate geo-positioning and tracking.

Operating Freq. Bluetooth® 2.45 GHz and 13.56 MHz

Bluetooth® Low Energy V5.0 or Quuppa Fully Compatible

ISO/IEC15693 (NFC type 5)

Battery Lifetime Up to 2 years
Reading Range

Up to 100 m for Bluetooth® 5.0 or Quuppa

Up to 10 cm for NFC

Dimensions 85.6 x 54 x 2.75 mm
Thermal Properties – 35 to + 50 °C / – 31 to + 122°F
Certificates RoHS & REACH conform. Conflict free sourcing