Description – Application

The WIREPAS 5.1-WB400 WRISTBAND is fully compatible with Wirepas5.1 technology and is designed to full fill all requirements for people flow management and secure access control use cases.

Thanks to its ultra-low power consumption, the wristband guaranties un-surpassed battery lifetimes and on top of that its CR2032 battery can be replaced.

Its high precision accelerometer sensor permits to detect any movements, vibrations, shocks or a specific fall.


The WIREPAS 5.1-WB400 WRISTBAND can be proposed with a NFC function to provide extra functionalities as registration, access control or micro-payments.

The WIREPAS 5.1-WB400 WRISTBAND can be proposed in different colors and with an extra barcode or QR code using laser technology.


Wirepas 5.1 protocols supported

Accelerometer sensor

Optional additional NFC Forum Tag Type 2 or 5



Bluetooth® Low Energy V 5.0

Wirepas Mesh V5.1

ISO/IEC15693 (NFC Forum Tag Type 5)

ISO/IEC14443 (NFC Forum Tag Type 2)

Battery Lifetime Up to 3 years depending on the Wirepas wristband parameters
Reading Range

Up to 100 meters for Wirepas

LOS of 200 meters

Up to 10 cm for the NFC interface

Sensors Accelerometer
Switch Functionality customizable under request, please contact your sales agent
Dimensions Tag : 41 x 31 mm – Band : 250 x 15 mm
Material Tag : ABS – Strap : B3 Nylon and stainless-steel closure
Thermal Properties – 30 to + 60 °C / – 22 to + 140°F
Chemical Properties IP65 (1m, 24h)
Certificates RoHS & REACH conform. Conflict free sourcing www.conflictfreesourcing.org


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